Elements of Faith

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Elements Of Faith

The vineyard as an extended metaphor is used frequently throughout the Old and the New Testament. To achieve success we must seek first to be in Godís vineyard, but getting there requires a new spirit and a new set of priorities. Seeking God for success requires faith. Faith is not an emotion. It is not a feeling, it isn't a conviction based on deductive reasoning, and it isn't an opinion. Faith is an intellectual ascent that perfects the mind. It puts the intellect in possession of truth that reason alone cannot grasp. Faith goes beyond words and formulas and brings us directly to Godís light Ė where the known and the unknown overlap. It not only teaches us truths about God, it reveals the unknown in ourselves. The ultimate test of success is how we make a difference. As individuals or communities, our success will ultimately depend on the choices we make and how we involve God in those choices. When we become too important to associate with the unimportant; when we promote factions, division and discord; when we justify hardened hearts that will not forgive; and when we pursue selfish ambition over Godís mission, then we are not producing vineyard fruit.


bulletSeeking God For Success
bulletPaul's Example
bulletOn Becoming Stewards
bulletDecoding Our Struggles
bulletThe Power of Prayer
bulletSowing and Reaping
bulletWearing God's Armor
bulletWatching Our Words
bulletLessons in Forgiveness
bulletThe Love Lens

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