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TransEd recognizes that we are living in a period of accelerating change and complexity and that the success of individuals and organizations in this rapidly changing environment is largely dependent on their ability to cope with change and prepare for transition. Our vision is to be recognized nationally as a leader in providing educational transition services that stimulate responsive life-long learning and growth.

TransEd was founded by Terrence L. Freeman in 1993 as a response to the 21st century Transitional Education needs of students, educators, employees, administrators, managers and entrepreneurs. TransEd provides a range of services from keynote speeches to full-day workshops to meet the growth-oriented needs of organizations and teams.

TransEd offers several short seminars (1-3 hours in duration) that are designed to provide information and/or growth opportunities, reinforce attitudes or approaches to problem solving, and develop strategies to address emerging challenges. The scheduling flexibility of the short seminar has made it the most popular format for concurrent workshops and in-service training.  Each workshop and in-service is designed to

bullet Provide an ice-breaker to engage the group
bullet Deliver a high-energy motivational presentation.
bullet Challenge participants to unlock their creative energy
bullet Explore critical issues
bullet Suggest or develop strategies
bullet Respond to questions

The level of interaction will vary depending on the scope, length and number of participants in the workshop. Under all circumstances the goal is to provide an engaging educational experience.


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