P-Requisites For Success

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P-Requisites For Success

Our success as individuals or communities will ultimately depend on the choices we make. The fourteen P-Requisites are choices or decisions that we will face on the path to success. These P-Requisites are divided into three levels of activity: intra-active, proactive and interactive. Since success is not a passive process, we must actively work on who we are, how we influence the process and achieve our objectives.


The intra-active choices are

bulletPERSPECTIVE - Understand ideas, issues and relationships
bulletPASSION - Care deeply about something
bulletPOSITIVITY - Develop a Can-do philosophy
bulletPRINCIPLES - Stand for something

The proactive choices are

bulletPRIORITIES - Know what's important
bulletPLANNING - Set goals and don't leave them to chance
bulletPREPARATION - Get what you need
bulletPRACTICE - Move from uncomfortable to comfortable

The interactive choices are

bulletPARTICIPATION - Get involved
bulletPERFORMANCE - Execute the plan
bulletPUNCTUALITY - Be on time as well as timely
bulletPERSISTENCE/Perseverance - Overcome obstacles
bulletPATIENCE - Understand that success may not be immediate
bulletPRAYER - Lean on Him

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