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Boys To Men: An African-American Imperative

One of our greatest responsibilities is preparing our youth for the total process of living as well-adjusted, intellectually competent and self-determining adults. Successfully preparing African American youth for the twenty-first century requires leadership that addresses the contemporary problems that confront the Black Community. The African-American male experience is too often one that is life threatening and psychologically abusive. The challenge before us goes beyond "saving" the black male to developing and preparing young dynamic leaders to recognize and accept the responsibilities of community and family leadership. Real men (and real women) raise, build, lead, create and teach. Even if we agree on what it means to be an adult, the definition does not address the process of becoming one. The socialization process is cognitive, psychological, cultural, emotional, and physical. It is reinforced in where we live and how we live. the need to take strong proactive measures to socialize our children is as great or greater than any time in our history and this task cannot be left to others.


bulletNeed for Manhood Training
bulletDefinition of Manhood
bulletRites of Passage
bulletHistory and Culture
bulletPersonal Development - Talents and Values
bulletEducation and Career Development
bulletPhysical Development and Well-being
bulletCommunity Development - Values and Virtues
bulletFamily Development - Relationships
bulletSpiritual Development
bulletAchieving Success

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