Communicating Across Cultures

Transitional Education and Consulting Services

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Managing Diversity/Communicating Across Cultures

Global interaction has increased dramatically in recent years. This global village sees a flow of technology, information, jobs, people, capital and competition that no longer respects geographic boundaries. We will continue to come together socially and professionally from a range of differences and similarities that have helped to shape who we are as well as how we communicate and interact. It is through a greater understanding of these differences and similarities that we develop greater skills in building and sustaining more effective and productive organizations and communities. To interact in this integrated arena, we must develop new skills in communicating across cultures.


bulletDefine diversity
bulletMulticultural continuum
bulletCross-cultural evaluation
bulletIncrease awareness and explore personal dimensions of diversity
bulletBenefits of diversity
bulletExplore the cross-cultural communication process
bulletSuggest strategies for improving cross-cultural communication
bulletExplore the challenges of managing a diverse work force
bulletEducating across cultures
bulletDevelop strategies for effectively managing a diverse work force
bulletProvide suggestions for expanding our cross-cultural comfort zone

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