Crashing Waves

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Roaring and thundering, relentless,

It slaps and pounds an unyielding shore.

Stretching beyond the horizon,

Deep and expansive,

Cold and seductive,

It has captured the hearts and imagination of explorers and poets.

Ridden but never broken,

Crossed but never tamed,

Charted but never controlled,

It is capable of summoning the irresistible fury of nature

While remaining eerily calm at its center.

If only I could be that mighty.

If only I could be that grand.

And yet it too is confined to dominate a globe it cannot escape,

To be pulled by tidal forces it cannot resist,

To be siphoned by the sun to form the clouds.

There is no might or majesty that does not yield to God’s Design.

Terrence L. Freeman 2000

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