Winners Hold On

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When struggles and troubles nip at your heel

And life’s circumstances are far from ideal;

Your compass is broken, you can’t find your way,

And stress and discouragement seem here to stay;

Then make a commitment to never submit

To the voices of failure that urge you to quit.

Although you may stumble or have to retreat,

It’s only a failure if you claim defeat.

When obstacles litter the path to your goal

And getting around them is taking a toll;

The strain of the effort is wearing you out

While confidence falters and gives way to doubt;

It seems opportunity’s passing you by

But you can catch up if only you try.

Envision the victory and you can win,

But step number one is to never give in.

It’s fear and frustration that you must resist.

You overcome both when you choose to persist.

Success isn’t measured by order or place.

Success is achieved when you stay in the race.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll end up in first,

But those who hold on, from the best to the worst,

Have learned perseverance and how to compete,

                And the fruit of their effort will always be sweet.

                                                                 Terrence L. Freeman 2000

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